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Don Murphy
Executive Vice President

Don Murphy, Executive Vice President of GTAS, has more than 40 years of experience in the global travel and meetings industry. He is a recognized and respected expert in corporate travel management and operations and strategic meetings management, and has held seats on various travel industry advisory boards, including at American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, Avis and Marriott.


Don began his travel career at the iconic Pan American World Airways and Air France. Later, Don moved to the buyer side of the business, becoming Corporate Travel Manager and Corporate Meetings Manager at Bristol-Myers Corporation, and then, after the acquisition of Squibb Corporation, Vice President Global Meetings, Travel & Staff Services. Don consolidated 83 travel management companies (TMCs) down to a single company, reduced global travel and meeting expenditures by $200 million, and established best-in-class use of self-booking tools for transient and meetings-related travel. While overseeing meetings spend, Among his other duties, Don also managed the in-house meetings team, which sourced and managed 300 programs annually – ranging in size from 200 to 7,000 attendees. In addition, he was responsible for global RFPs for car rental, hotel, an automated travel and expense system, credit card programs, travel policy, and small meetings management. 


Don holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from St. John’s University.

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