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Management of a CTD is basically “freedom within a framework” –and is only limited to your imagination.

In 1998, the Airline Reporting Corporation (“ARC”) ushered in a new era of travel management which allows corporations to gain control of, and internally manage, their travel program through an accredited Corporate Travel Department (“CTD”) designation.  The key value proposition for becoming a CTD is that you have a plethora of options to manage all aspects of your travel program while gaining one major coveted benefit – TOTAL CONTROL OF ALL COMPONENTS OF YOUR TRAVEL PROGRAM.

Upping the Data Stakes
Turn Actionable Intelligence Into a Competitive Advantage

You can measure, analyze and enhance your program through continuous improvement and Six Sigma projects, but you really need actionable information to reinvent your business.

It's a given nowadays  that travel buyers are expected  to render critical decisions in support  of their corporation's strategy and the overall success of the company. However, within the  current travel industry environment where the turbulence  is giving rise to surprising  opportunities-travel buyers must learn to operate in ways they had never before perceived. Thus, the need for data has never been greater but  it's not mere "data'' that is imperative  to running a successful business unit, it's "actionable information''  that is the true necessity. So what constitutes  actionable  information? Although each advantage  to meet corporate  objectives.