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Corporate Travel

Corporate travel spend is typically the 2nd to 6th largest controllable expense on a corporate P&L. At that level, it’s a tipping point where having an in-house travel program makes sense as an effective solution to containing travel costs while capturing highly effective business intelligence from which to base future management decisions.  

GTAS consultants have years of experience assisting corporations in understanding the benefits of an in-house travel department and designing travel departments that not only meet the current corporate needs, but also those of the future as the business grows.

Analysing the Numbers

Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, RFPs

Sourcing and procurement of products and services within the corporate travel environment achieves an effective travel ecosystem and seamless supply chain management. Depending on the products or services that are being sourced, suppliers must meet or exceed a corporation’s standards.  If the supplier or service provider is unable to meet or exceed these pre-defined standards, they typically will not be considered to advance to the procurement stage.

When working with a client, GTAS develops a program that addresses four basic elements to ensure a successful strategic acquisition process:

  • Strategic Sourcing Elements

  • Procurement Elements

  • Integration Elements

  • Contract Management Elements

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Corporate Meetings Management

The key to meetings management is managing your business in a disciplined, innovative, and compliant manner – it’s all about attention to detail.

Today, the meetings management environment is an ever-evolving process that varies greatly depending on corporate culture, executive understanding and buy-in, meetings management policies, budgeting, and the internal expertise needed to negotiate contracts effectively so that meetings will produce positive ROI.

GTAS has corporate meetings experts with decades of experience in this discipline who work with corporate meetings managers to develop methods, processes and policies to drive significant ROI with companies of any size and meeting budget.

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Corporate Aviation

The formation and management of a corporate flight department from the ground up is not a daunting, complex process if it is created through a defined business plan that addresses the right strategy (mission and vision statement), the right team (pilots, scheduling, etc.) the right business partners (3rd party management company, maintenance, support services, etc.), and the right costs (aircraft value analysis). 

GTAS consultants have years of experience assisting corporations in creating flight departments, identifying optimal aircraft and advising on the most effective method of managing aircraft.

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