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Global Travel and Aviation Solutions, LLC (GTAS) is a global professional services consulting firm that was founded in 2014 to provide innovative management and operational solutions to corporations and government agencies / ministries as they navigate an ever-increasing complex global travel and aviation environment.

Duane Futch
Founder and CEO

GTAS founder and CEO Duane Futch is a highly accomplished influencer in the corporate travel and aviation industries, offering visionary thinking and business leadership skills in an increasingly complex market.


Duane consults to an array of North American and international corporations and governments, leveraging his knowledge and experience in corporate travel and aviation management over the course of his 40 year career.

Don Murphy
Executive Vice President

Don Murphy, Executive Vice President of GTAS, has more than 40 years of experience in the global travel and meetings industry.


He is a recognized and respected expert in corporate travel management and operations and strategic meetings management, and has held seats on various travel industry advisory boards, including at American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, Avis and Marriott.

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