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Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing and procurement of products and services within the corporate travel environment achieves an effective travel ecosystem and agile supply chain management. Depending on the products or services that are being sourced, suppliers must meet or exceed a corporation’s standards.  If the supplier or service provider is unable to meet or exceed these pre-defined standards, they typically will not be considered to advance to the procurement stage.

When working with a client, GTAS develops a program that addresses four basic elements to ensure a successful strategic acquisition process:

1.         Strategic Sourcing Elements: Identifying, Vetting and Administration

2.         Procurement Elements: Supplier Evaluation, Acquisition and Contracting

3.         Integration Elements: Integration and Delivery of Products / Services

4.         Contract Management Elements: Contract Management, Compliance, Risk Management, and Audit


RFP Development, Management and Implementation Assistance

GTAS has the in-house ability to create customized RFPs for its clients based on proprietary internal, secure software customizable to clients’ specific requirements.  Whether it’s an RFP for a TMC, technology provider or supplier, GTAS has the ability to manage the RFP requirement through (1) customized RFP development; (2) management of the RFP process; (3) vendor selection in conjunction with the client; and (4) detailed financial modeling and comprehensive scorecard responses that assist in making sound decisions.


Once the RFP has been completed and a client has decided to select a supplier or product, GTAS offers implementation assistance if needed. 

GTAS RFP Specialization Includes:

  • Travel Agency (TMC) Selection

  • On-line Booking Tools

  • Corporate Payment Systems (Credit Card or Purchasing Card)

  • Meeting Management Software

  • Meeting Management Company Recommendations and Selection 

  • Pre-Trip Approval Systems

  • Profile Management Systems

  • Airlines

  • Hotels 

  • Car Rental Agencies

  • Limousines / Black Car Service

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