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Consolidated 30+ Global TMC's into One Global Partner
  • TMC RFP utilizing GTAS's new RFP tool with weighted arithmatic-mean scoring, instantenious scoring calculations (unlimited scorers), and consolidated financial value analysis charting.
  • Services included air carrier contracts, travel policy enhancements, and globally restructured M&E program.
  • Substantial savings delivered to Client.
Global Travel and Aviation Solutions, LLC (GTAS) is a global professional services consulting firm that was founded in 2014 to provide innovative management and operational solutions to corporations and government agencies / ministries as they navigate an ever-increasing complex global travel and aviation environment.
  • Integrated GetThere OBT, Traveler Profiles, GDS, Mid-Office, 40 thousand project codes, Travel Policy, GSA Per Diems, FedRates hotel program,.and TRAMADA into an Agile Travel Supply Chain:
  • 384 U.S.-Based offices have seamless access via internally-secured Sign-On validation.​

Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel 

The Travel Ecosystem is changing – again!
Travel … travelers … travel suppliers … travel technology … the world … it’s all changing.  And Travel / Supplier Management is changing, too. 
Now is the time to enhance and optimize your travel program through a Future State Design to drive significant results.

Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, RFPs

Strategic sourcing, procurement and RFPs are integral management elements of every travel department. They help companies build an effective travel ecosystem and seamless supply chain management, and, when combined, form an integrated process that enables companies to vet and select travel suppliers and service providers. 

Strategic Meetings Management

Strategic Meetings Management and its associated components is a separate corporate discipline. The challenge for meeting management practitioners is how to effectively manage strategic meetings in a disciplined, innovative and compliant manner – as well as to leverage meetings buying power, control costs and contribute to shareholder value.

Corporate Aviation

It’s extremely important to properly weigh your travel patterns, objectives and goals before making a decision to acquire (via an outright or fractional purchase arrangement) or lease and operate corporate aircraft. This can be an extremely time-consuming process, and many companies simply do not have the subject matter expertise to undertake the task. 

Founding Principles

Respect for the client

Deliver on all client commitments

Drive definitive value in all aspects of our consulting engagements

Provide our clients highly respected, qualified, authoritative, and

experienced travel and aviation industry professionals that are

renowned leaders in their defined field of expertise


1202 NE McClain Road, Bldg. 7

Bentonville, Arkansas 72712  

United States of America 


Tel: 1 479.531.6642

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